Aquarium Maintenance Pricing

Aquarium Maintenance Pricing

Because no two aquariums or clients have exactly the same needs, an evaluation or phone consultation is always recommended before service is established on your fish tank. The pricing chart below indicates the basic starting prices for Tip Top Tanks aquarium service.

* Prices vary based on individual needs, tank size, filtration, accessability, frequency, aquatic species, amount of aquariums and more..

* Fully customizable packages available
* Corporate pricing available
* Multi tank discounts
* Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly service packages available
* 1 x Cleaning only, also available

Starting Prices
4 wks Cost 1x  
Freshwater $ 78.52. $81.74 $88.64 $125.60
Saltwater $ 89.10 $ 92.78 $ 102.9 $ 145.85


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If a consultation is needed, Tip Top Tanks will schedule an appointment to examine your aquarium or the desired area for setup. We listen to all your wants and concerns to determine what service plan or setup best suites your needs. We will then present you with a NO OBLIGATION setup or service maintenance plan exclusively for your aquarium.
Once agreed Tip Top Tanks will create a set schedule that will work with your business or life style.


Please contact us to discuss the options available to keep your fish tank healthy and beautiful or to establish your new Aquarium!
(832) 534.FISH (3474)

* Non emergency calls between 8am & 6pm only, Monday thru Friday.