New Aquarium Setups

You decided you want an aquarium!
Now What?

At Tip Top Tanks it does not matter if you are looking for a new aquarium for your business or your home, we will be happy to assist you through the process from your initial concept to the final product setup and established maintenance plan.

Tip Top Tanks will teach you or your employees how to maintain your new aquarium investment between scheduled service calls. This will help keep your fish happy and your new aquarium healthy, sparkling and beautiful.

* If your intent is to maintain your fish tank yourself, Tip Top Tanks will sit down with you and teach you everything you need to do on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to help guarantee your aquarium is a success.

Setup: Tank, Stand and Equipment

Our standard aquarium setup package is for the aquarium, stand and equipment that needs no modification to the desired area of installation.

  • Complimentary consultation to determine your needs
  • No obligation quote
  • Delivery and setup of aquarium, stand and equipment if needed
  • All equipment and chemicals to establish your new aquarium
  • Clean, safe and as un-intrusive as possible during installation
  • Manufactures warranties where applicable
  • All aquatic life (fish and live plants) if needed
  • All decorations if needed
  • Back up supply of food if needed
  • Training for you or your employees on how to maintain the aquarium between visits
  • * Prices are based on your choices of aquarium, stand, aquatic life and equipment

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    Please contact us to discuss the options available to keep your fish tank healthy and beautiful or to establish your new Aquarium!
    (832) 534.FISH (3474)

    * Non emergency calls between 8am & 6pm only, Monday thru Friday.